Here’s Why I Need To Be the #MothersDay Party Pooper!

Brilliant. The brilliant Rita Banerji.


I know I’m going to be the party-pooper at this grande-monde day of celebration of madre-hood.

But here is why I don’t buy the idea of a ‘mother’s day’ or for that matter a ‘father’s day.’

One of my mother’s friends once commented, “You know that Elton John singer. He’s gay and he married a man (thank god!).  And now they have a baby. That’s impossible.” I asked why. And she said, “How are they going to raise a baby without a mother? A baby needs a mother.” I told her that this ‘mother fixation’ was illogical and compulsive like the breast fixation that men have with regards to women.  When I taught biology, I found that when asked to identify the sex of fetal pigs, the boys would invariably write, “Female, because it has nipples.” And I always told them that they needed to go home, take a good…

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