Why More #Women in #Government Won’t Help Women of #India


by Debolina Dubois

Women-Reservation-bill-india1-300x260I was watching Eve Ensler, author of ‘Vagina Monologues’ on an YouTube channel around the time of the December 2012 Delhi Gang Rape uprisings, and she was asked what she thought might help stop violence against women in India? She suggested, “Get more women in”, into government, police – positions of power and decision-making.

Unfortunately in India this theory does not work. Otherwise the religious totems would not have existed. The rape culture and indoctrination and religious obsessional neurosis is such that in India women in positions of political power do not think the welfare of their own sex, or for that matter even extreme violence on women in India is any of their concern. They don’t act on women’s-rights or even legislate on it. They don’t discuss it, and if necessary to keep the terror going they would torture women and children to remain in political…

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