Women might outright win ultramarathons? No, they already are.

Fit and Feminist

A few weeks ago, a curious article showed up in the Facebook group dedicated to the Keys ultra. In the article, the author wrote that men should watch out, because the day a woman wins a 100-mile race is near!  (And don’t worry, she assured us, it’s not “feminist propaganda” – I guess the Little Red Feminist Book forgot to include a chapter on taking over fringe-y extreme sports.)

What makes it curious is that women already outright win hundred-milers – several times a year, in fact.  It happens so often that Ultrarunning magazine actually has an annual feature that lists all of the women who won ultras that year, and in fact, you only have to look at the comments of the article to see several examples of women who have won ultras outright.  (Including Pam Reed, who won Badwater twice.)

That blur is Alyson Venti, moments after she crossed the finish line. That blur is Alyson Venti, moments after…

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