Understanding the Public Outrage at the Delhi Bus Rape Inspired Fashion Shoot


Raj Shetye’s fashion photo shoot (see below), which appears to be motivated by the brutal 2012 gang rape and assault on a woman on a Delhi bus, has angered many in India and around the world.

click hereIn an interview with The Voice of the Cape (South Africa), the 50 Million Missing founder, Rita Banerji explains why she is not surprised by Shetye’s project. However Rita also says, it is equally important to examine the public rage and understand what it really represents. She observes that rape seems to touch a public nerve in a way that no other form of lethal violence on women or girls does, and goes on to discuss why this is so. [To hear the full 15 min. interview click on the box above]. http://t.co/sZtg7DzDNK

There are millions of women and girls murdered in India each year. About 17 million girls were killed…

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