Refugee Flow to Industrialized Nations Is Poised for a 20-Year High

Stop Making Sense

Nick-Cumming Bruce reports for The New York Times:

‘Conflict and instability in the Middle East and parts of Africa look set to push the number of people seeking asylum in industrialized countries to the highest level in 20 years in 2014, the United Nations refugee agency said Friday, warning that the flow of refugees was increasing the strain on already overstretched humanitarian aid budgets.

More than 330,700 people applied for asylum in a group of 44 countries in Europe, North America and parts of the Asia-Pacific region in the first half of the year, the refugee agency reported, almost a quarter more than in the last half of 2013.

From the experience of past years, which saw more people seeking asylum in the second half of the year, it predicts that the number of people seeking refuge in these countries will reach more than 700,000 by the end of the…

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4Chan gamebros raise a sockpuppet army: “For extra class, present yourselves as normal people.”

we hunted the mammoth

4Chan rallies the troops 4Chan rallies the troops

Over on 4chan, angry gamebros are organizing a vast wave of Twitter, er, ” activism” to SAVE VIDYA GAMES from the evil fake gamer girls and their Social Justice Warrior allies.

According to one anon, who’s been posting this message into numerous threads, the best way to fight “journalistic corruption” in the gaming world is to … set up fraudulent sockpuppet accounts on Twitter to make it look like there’s a groundswell of opposition to the evil game ladies.

We campaigned against journalistic corruption; we were told that gamers are dead. Both lawfag and marketingfag told you to flood the pax hashtags as it would get the attention of their advertisers. You now have the opportunity to save vidya and get the average person on your side.  Why are you not doing shit /v/? GET OUT THERE AND FLOOD THE HASHTAGS. Here is a quick guide: >1) Make a gmail throwaway if you don't want it linked to your main email. >2) Make a testing tweet and choose an appealing description of your account. >3) Make a few tweets proclaiming your newness. >4) Make a few tweets about #GamerGate. >5) Increase your visibility by following people -- search the #GamerGate tag and follow people you like. Remember, you're legit new, so at least some should follow you back. >6) FOLLOW THE PEOPLE WHO ARE FOLLOWING THESE PEOPLE. Chances are some of these are your fellow anons, so with luck we can increase our follow counts. >7) Continue tweeting about the cause with the pax hashtags (#PAX #PAXPrime) with the #GamerGate tag. >8) Seach the hashtag, favorite and retweet supporting tweets. That's the star icon. Get your anons to the top. >9) If you get stuck with zero followers. Reply to someone, chime in that you agree with them. But don't argue on this step. Let them do that if they want to do that. >If you are confronted, remain calm, don't lose your spaghetti, and be the better person. Explain that this is not about girls being victimized, it is about the vilification of gamers and jounalistic integrity in the media. >For extra class, present yourselves as normal people who sjws by their own standards should sympathize with, like an indian cab driver who can't read traffic signs. (this requires extensive shitposting experience.)

If that’s a bit hard to read, here’s the text, with some bolding for emphasis added by me. The bits at the end are my favorite.

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Two 5yr-olds raped and murdered in Mumbai in two weeks


01 September 2014
Mumbai police suspects there is a serial child predator targeting children of homeless families in the city. Today they recovered the battered body of another 5 year old girl who had been raped and strangled to death.

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