Refugee Flow to Industrialized Nations Is Poised for a 20-Year High

Stop Making Sense

Nick-Cumming Bruce reports for The New York Times:

‘Conflict and instability in the Middle East and parts of Africa look set to push the number of people seeking asylum in industrialized countries to the highest level in 20 years in 2014, the United Nations refugee agency said Friday, warning that the flow of refugees was increasing the strain on already overstretched humanitarian aid budgets.

More than 330,700 people applied for asylum in a group of 44 countries in Europe, North America and parts of the Asia-Pacific region in the first half of the year, the refugee agency reported, almost a quarter more than in the last half of 2013.

From the experience of past years, which saw more people seeking asylum in the second half of the year, it predicts that the number of people seeking refuge in these countries will reach more than 700,000 by the end of the…

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