In a series of brilliant, furious Tweets, Zoe Quinn tears apart the myth that #GamerGate has “moved beyond” harassment of women

we hunted the mammoth

Get over it, dudes. Get over it, dudes.

Zoe Quinn has had it.

Yesterday, fed up with the equivocating bullshit that’s constantly being said in the media and within gaming circles about #GamerGate, and pissed off at all those who think of themselves as good people but still refuse to see the hatred and misogyny and harassment and doxxing that has been central to GG since the start, Quinn posted a series of (justifiably) angry tweets calling out the cowards in the profession who know that what’s going on is deeply evil but won’t say anything, and documenting the unending harassment she and her boyfriend, and her family, and his family are still getting.

Was that even a sentence? I don’t know. The point is she’s STILL getting harassed. She’s STILL getting “prank” calls. She’s STILL getting death threats. People are STILL digging around in her personal life and the personal life of…

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Going Against The Grid

The Dish


Art historian Erik Spiekermann observes that asymmetry is typical of “the spaces that make us feel at home and make us want to spend time sitting in cafes and watching children”:

The best example of a large public space with human proportions is probably the Piazza del Campo in Siena, the city’s beautiful scallop-shaped market square. Not only do the buildings follow a very weird curve around its perimeter, but the square’s floor is shaped like a shallow bathtub. If you set out to walk toward the tower of the Palazzo Pubblico which dominates the space, you soon realize two things: it is nowhere near the center and its entrance is a whole floor lower than the street surrounding the square. It takes a lot longer to get there from one of the cafes around the side than you first think, because of the way the floor is shaped and the…

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How Can We Raise Strong Daughters? 10 Suggestions….

From Revolutions In My Space, a blog by Rita Banerji. (With thanks)

How Can We Raise Strong Daughters? 10 Suggestions…..


As a feminist activist and director of The 50 Million Missing Campaignto end female genocide in India, one of the questions I’m often asked in interviews is “How do we raise strong daughters?”

I have to admit, that there’s a part of me that is always uncomfortable with this question being asked in context of violence on girls and women.  Because what I feel it does, is that in a round-about-way it puts the onus or blame of gender-based violence on the victim.  It’s almost like saying, the reason girls and women get battered and/or killed is because they are weak.  And if they weren’t they wouldn’t.  Sexist and misogynist violence effects even the strongest of women, simply because the system (social, religious, legal etc.) permits it. In fact determinedly perpetuates it.  Victims of violence, be it race, religion or gender based violence, are NOT inherently weak, but are…

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A Report On The State Of India’s Girls


Baby Nargis, the 7 billionth person born in the world photo courtesy Plan Asia

Meet Nargis on your right here. She was the 7th billionth baby born on earth, and was born in India.  What does it mean to be born a girl in India?

The 50 Million Missing Campaign brings you the following Report on The State of India’s Little Girls:

(click on the embedded links for more information).

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Imagine a World Free from #AbortionStigma

Imagine if this hashtag were #HysterectomyStigma or #ColonoscopyStigma. Imagine if we had a global day of action dedicated to ending #BoneMarrowTransplantStigma or #CataractSurgeryStigma. It sounds ridiculous, right?

Sept 28 LMF - sherightsThis is not an exercise in comparing the pain people go through when they have to make difficult medical decisions or undergo painful medical procedures. This is not pitting women who haven’t ever had an abortion against those who have.

This is the whole point: A woman must be able to make decisions about her health and her body with her doctor.

You don’t stop a woman from having an abortion by forcing her to listen to medically inaccurate information, or waiting 48 hours, or showing her the ultrasound against her will, or judging and stigmatizing her. You only make it unsafe.

There aren’t better health outcomes for women and their children as a result of abortion stigma. In fact, unsafe abortion is the…

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