The Five Creepiest #GamerGate Fan Art Tributes to Christina Hoff Sommers, aka Based Mom (With Bonus Annoying Gif)

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She's not the messiah's mom She’s not the messiah’s mom

GamerGaters sure do love their Based Mom! Christina Hoff Sommers, as you may or may not know, is a libertarian think-tanker who’s been grinding away at feminism for two decades, while still, rather perversely, claiming to be feminist. Though not a video gamer herself, she’s jumped aboard the GamerGate train, and GamerGaters have repaid her interest in their little crusade with interest, anointing her their “Based Mom” and talking about her with weird reverence.

That is, when they’re not making creepy fan art about her. Today, five of the most disturbing examples I’ve found so far.

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Stephanie Gilmore takes her 6th world surfing title in Hawaii..


Australian Stephanie Gilmore has won a sixth world surfing title in Hawaii. Gilmore said this year’s title race, culminating in the three-way all-Australian battle in Hawaii, had been one of her toughest in eight years on tour.


“It’s an incredible feeling of relief and elation,” Gilmore told ABC radio.

“I didn’t count Tyler or Sally out until that very moment when I knew that they were out of the race.”

The Greatest Bullying Strategy on Planet Earth


There is no way to soft pedal the facts.   The most culpable supervillain of embedded lies in speech is the name “woman.”

Unhappy with what some names in everyday speech were broadcasting Louise Gouëffic looked at names believed to be Truth that bullied people, a global strategy of imposing belief through names containing embedded lies.  In this article she shares crucial knowledge about our species withheld from you to keep you in ignorance.   Ignorance makes you believe in lies.

From 1973 to 1993 she collected 20,000 items of speech addressing the species that makes and uses speech and found that 95% embed bias.   Culling out ancient ones that influenced people long ago she analyzed 10,000 of the most recent and relevant.  Breaking the Patriarchal Code was published in 1995 by Knowledge Ideas and Trends Manchester CT.    (Visit

Patriarchy started with a few males…

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Trayvon Martin and the Fear of a Black Man

Media Diversified

by Lee Pinkerton

“ ‘Not Guilty?’ the filthy devils tried to kill me/
When the news gets to the hood the niggas will be/
Hotter than cayenne pepper/ Cuss, buss, kicking up dust is a must.”
Ice Cube – We Had to Tear This MF Up

george_zimmermanThe’ Not Guilty’ verdict for George Zimmerman, the killer of  Black teenager Trayvon Martin,  confirms a fact that all Black men know, but hoped had changed.  The fact that many white people view us as a threat. It doesn’t matter if the Black man in question is well educated and softly spoken. It doesn’t matter if he has not even finished puberty. We are seen as a threat that must be contained. Trayvon was an unarmed teenager, and George Zimmerman was an heavily set 29 year old with an obvious weight advantage, who also happened to be packing a gun.  But still Zimmerman…

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Telling the boys and girls how to tell the boys from the girls

Family Inequality

From Reddit comes the story of an assignment given to high school students in a sex education unit of health class in Columbus, Ohio (as reported in the Dispatch).

The introduction reads (typos included):

Appreciating Gender Differences: Often there are many stereotypes attached to being male or female. Yet male and female together keep our species alive! Through knowing and appreciating the many differences in brain development and psychological processes of males vs. female one learn to accept and appreciate the differences.”

Then there’s this graphic:


Yes, boys and girls in the class all got the same handout, with the normal human described as “you” and the one in the dress labeled “she.”

After the graphic is a list of questions for the students to ponder in an essay, such as, “How might knowing these differences influence and impact an intimate relationship you might currently have or develop in the future?”

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Possible alternative to antibiotics developed – but skeptics remain

Stop Making Sense

Sonya Angelica Diehn reports for DW:

Woman examining a pill‘A study published in the journal “Nature Biotechnology” unveils an engineered substance, which its makers hope will present an alternative to antibiotics in the fight against bacterial infection.

Resistance to antibiotics is a serious, growing worldwide problem. The World Health Organization (WHO) in a 2014 report warned that “antibiotic resistance is no longer a prediction for the future; it is happening right now, across the world.”

Although any new substance would have to undergo a lengthy process before it can be used as medicine, the Geneva-based biomedical startup Lascco has already announced clinical trials for next year. Some doctors and scientists stress that the new substance will likely not be able to replace the use of antibiotics.’


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