#BeenRapedNeverReported – Imagining A World Where Survivors No Longer Feel Shame

Facing Reality

Like Susan Brownmiller in “Against Our Will”, I feel I must begin this piece by stating that I have never been raped. Unlike Susan Brownmiller, I haven’t researched rape in any academic way. And I am male.  However, I do think I understand shame around issues of sexuality, and I would like to bring this to the current #BeenRapedNeverReported discussion.

rapeshame3Sexual violence against women, children, and some men, is rife in modern Western society.The vast majority goes unreported, but millions of women and hundreds of thousands of men have experienced sexual violence in the UK alone. However, things are changing gradually, and one of those changes is that survivors are speaking out. From the streets of Dehli to the corridors of the BBC to the branch meetings of the SWP, people are talking about rape and the sexual abuse of children. Previously, those who shared their experience with just a few…

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