The Greatest Bullying Strategy on Planet Earth


There is no way to soft pedal the facts.   The most culpable supervillain of embedded lies in speech is the name “woman.”

Unhappy with what some names in everyday speech were broadcasting Louise Gouëffic looked at names believed to be Truth that bullied people, a global strategy of imposing belief through names containing embedded lies.  In this article she shares crucial knowledge about our species withheld from you to keep you in ignorance.   Ignorance makes you believe in lies.

From 1973 to 1993 she collected 20,000 items of speech addressing the species that makes and uses speech and found that 95% embed bias.   Culling out ancient ones that influenced people long ago she analyzed 10,000 of the most recent and relevant.  Breaking the Patriarchal Code was published in 1995 by Knowledge Ideas and Trends Manchester CT.    (Visit

Patriarchy started with a few males…

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