The British teenager who tried to kill 3 women because no one will date him has fans. But that’s not the scariest thing about him.

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Ben Moynihan, adapted from the photo he sent police, and which led to his arrest Ben Moynihan, adapted from the photo he sent police, and which led to his arrest

[CONTENT WARNING: Misogynistic violence, rape apologia]

His complaint was a familiar one:

I think every girl is a type of slut, they are fussy with men nowadays, they do not give boys like us a chance.

You can find nearly identical laments in the profiles of self-described “nice guys” on OkCupid, on Men’s Rights blogs, and on forums for self-described “Incels” comisserating about their “involuntary celibacy” and what they see as the shallowness of young women.

But these words actually come from a video filmed by Ben Moynihan, a British teenager who was convicted of attempted murder earlier this week after stabbing three women in an attempt to take a sort of revenge upon the “weaker” gender he felt had made his life miserable by denying him sex. Another young man trying to punish…

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Woman Burnt to Death After Returning to her Husband’s house


17 December 2014, Bareilly

She has left behind a one month old daughter. It’s a case that so often repeats in India, where women who are abused for dowry leave their husbands, and then are talked into returning by relatives and neighbors. This young woman too returned only to be burnt to death.

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65-year-old woman dies after being #gang- #raped in #India

Where is the media coverage for this woman, is it because she poor, older, considered even more less than human, not worthy of outcry of her rape, torture and murder?


19 January 2015, Varanasi, UP

A 65 year old widow who lived alone died due to excessive blood loss, after she was gang raped by four men, who also sexually tortured her by inserting various objects into her private parts.

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History repeating


I’ve always found it eerie how the the arguments in defense of sexism never get stale. Thanks to Ed Brayton I stumbled on this article about the last time the United States denied women the vote. Right off the bat, we get the separate-but-equal line:

Women; have they a mission? Yes; it is to rule in the world of love and affection—in the home. It is not to rule in the State. They have a function to perform which precludes the latter sort of rule. Man is king of this universe; woman is queen. The queen rules when the king is dead, or becomes a mollycoddle, and the American man is not that yet.

Then bogus appeals to science, with a little benevolent sexism tossed in:

“The women of this smart Capital are beautiful,” said Ohio Democrat Rep. Stanley Bowdle, “indeed, their beauty is positively disturbing to business, but they…

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The New Statesman’s Margaret Corvid on the ways misogyny restricts male sexuality

we hunted the mammoth

Policing male sexuxality: a meme from A Voice for Men's Facebook page. Policing male sexuxality: a meme from A Voice for Men’s Facebook page.

Check out Margaret Corvid’s fascinating piece in the New Statesman on male sexuality and the appeal of misogynistic movements to sexually frustrated men. As a professional dominatrix who’s also a feminist, she’s acutely aware of the ways conventional masculinity restricts and impoverishes male sexuality.

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