History repeating


I’ve always found it eerie how the the arguments in defense of sexism never get stale. Thanks to Ed Brayton I stumbled on this article about the last time the United States denied women the vote. Right off the bat, we get the separate-but-equal line:

Women; have they a mission? Yes; it is to rule in the world of love and affection—in the home. It is not to rule in the State. They have a function to perform which precludes the latter sort of rule. Man is king of this universe; woman is queen. The queen rules when the king is dead, or becomes a mollycoddle, and the American man is not that yet.

Then bogus appeals to science, with a little benevolent sexism tossed in:

“The women of this smart Capital are beautiful,” said Ohio Democrat Rep. Stanley Bowdle, “indeed, their beauty is positively disturbing to business, but they…

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