Nora Bateson -Beginnings?


I always forget to start at the beginning. Is there a beginning? This is my first blog post, and the discovery of this form is new to me (probably not new to you). That newness is a beginning. A discovery is sometimes a beginning. I can accept these beginnings as long as the middle and the end can coexist.

Story, art, biology, ideas, culture, love– all the things that interest me– they do not have timelines. No big bang, no apocalypse, just the infinite dance between chaos and order. Contemplating the paradox of this tension is the most delicious part of my work. Slippery subjects like humor and husbands, like flavor and forgiveness are demanding that those who wish to study them do not oversimplify. The complexity is what is at stake… for me, that is everything.nora_bateson_200906-123

Ideas change, they warp and become salty, they run, they are eclipsed, they…

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