Senior Indian Politician Decides Two Rapists Don’t Constitute #Gang #Rape


Rape by two men is not gang-rape: Karnataka Home Minister KJ George

Oct 9, 2015,

The Home Minister of Karnataka said that he does not consider a rape as ‘gang-rape’ unless more than two people are involved. Mr. Kelachandra Joseph George made this remarks while replying to a media question about the sexual assault on a woman by two men in a tempo taxi in his state.

“How is it a gang-rape if two people rape? Shouldn’t there be at least three or four people for it to be called gang rape?,” the Karnataka Home Minister said in his reply.

The minister said that at least three to four people are required to be involved for it to be called a gang-rape.

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3 thoughts on “Senior Indian Politician Decides Two Rapists Don’t Constitute #Gang #Rape

  1. The minister does not see fem as thinking-feeling entities, but as sexual objects to be possessed by men, a right given to men in 2400 BCE by Manu who subjugated all fem to all men, by LAW. This law has never been officially removed in India, nor anywhere else for that matter. The law is to free men from the responsibility for the own sexuality.
    Since 9000 BCE men have worked hard to free themselves from the responsibility for their own sexuality. Men have worked long and hard to get this right for 11,000 years. Failure to do so means that FEM IS A THINKING-FEELING BEING who will not be conquered, only to be made into a sex-object for men.

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