Tapati Sen: She Fought for Her Independence and Dignity as a Young Widow

[-]Does she have any regrets? She pauses and then softly says, “Not exactly a regret. But I had a desire. I wish I had been sent to an English medium school like my brothers were. I think I could have done more with that.”[-]


Tragedy struck Tapati Sen’s life when she was widowed at a very young age, with two little children and limited economic means.  If that isn’t harsh enough, the ruthless treatment meted out to widows in India, as evident even now, made her all the more vulnerable.   But today, at age 86, Tapati Sen can boast of actually having seen the entire world.  She has traveled widely and has visited almost every continent on the face of the earth.

Her life is that lesson we each seek, not just as women but as individuals —  that no matter what our society, our cultures, and our norms dictate, ultimately it is up to each of us, individually,  how we envision our lives.  The courage is in being able to abide by our vision and our self, in face of social rejection and immense resistance.

Tapati Sen is remarkable for her courage, her…

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Symmathesy: A Word in Progress


This is a big blog post, ( 25 pages). This paper was presented at the International Society for Systems Sciences Conference in Berlin August 2015. It will be published in the ISSS Journal as well. The following pages are a beginning of a concept and terminology that I have found useful in my own work to describe the learning within shifting interactions and patterns through time. There are many chapters to come. The next chapter is on mutual learning contexts that are comprised of living and non-living systems.I hope it will be useful for you as well.  Enjoy…

Proposing a New Word that Refers to Mutual Learning in Living Systems:


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Part I

The Word “Symmathesy” On The Page


I would like to propose a new word for “System” that refers specifically to living systems – that is, to systems which emerge from the communications and interactions of…

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