In My Skin: Moving Past Sexual Abuse


One of the issues effecting children in India, that is rarely addressed, is child sexual abuse.  In a 2007 survey conducted by the Government of  India,  53.22% of children in India said they had experienced some form of sexual abuse, and 22% of them extreme forms of sexual abuse or violence.  However, as horrifying as these statistics are, even this is still assumed to be a conservative estimate.  In 1997, in a research survey of adults across 5 major cities in India, 76% of adult women respondents said that they had been sexually abused as children.  India’s conservative stance on sex and sex-related issues not only creates a permissive environment for child sexual abuse, but it also makes it extremely hard  for survivors to overcome the trauma of their abuse even as adults.

So one can well imagine the courage it took for one Indian woman to share her story…

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