Disable Madman: Part I

Professor Keirsey's Blog

Part I

It is not easy to act-as-if-mad because such action requires ability. The more complicated the action, the more ability required. What medicine men discovered long ago was that by disabling inmates of asylums inmates were not able to continue acting-as-if-mad. Medicine men devised all manner of disabling methods—for three centuries—finally discovering drugs as an easy and efficient means of achieving disability. Thus medical men, having taken charge of those acting-as-if-mad four centuries ago, discovered that they could make the inmates of their madhouse stop acting-as-if-mad by disabling them. Not that inmates, having been disabled, were then able to act effectively, since having been disabled their possible actions were radically reduced. Indeed, all they could do was obey simple commands out of fear of torture.

18th Century Disabling

Medics began disabling the inmates of asylums in the late 17th century in order to force…

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