Pillars of Madness: Part IV, Disarming Confessions

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Part IV

There are four extraordinarily useful ideas amid the massive tangle of publications on madness, these contributed by four men of genius in the practice of studying and changing seemingly irrational human actions—

[1] The Temperament Base of Madness (Ernst Kretschmer)
[2] Distracting Automatisms (Pierre Janet)
[3] Role Casting Control (Jay Haley)
[4] Disarming Confessions (Alfred Adler)

[4] Disarming Confessions

The fourth idea was long in coming, appearing shortly after the turn of the 20th century. Alfred Adler, an Austrian medic, said that our absurd ritual, whatever its form, is unwittingly designed to conceal from us and our companions that we have a deep-seated and abiding sense of unworthiness. Madness, then, has a job to do, that is, to conceal our dark secret, so that we have an excuse for failing to live up to our expectations and for setting aside one or more of…

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One thought on “Pillars of Madness: Part IV, Disarming Confessions

  1. It appears Professor Kiersey doesn’t know that over 10,000 names about our species embed male bias. Irrationality of this magnitude leads to confusions that drive individuals to madness.

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