#Dowry Murders: 106,000 Women Burnt to Death in 1 Year


In 2009 the notable medical journal The Lancetpublished a study that made a shocking revelation.  It revealed that in one year, at least 106,000 women were killed by fires in their homes in India.  That is — one woman burnt to death every 5 minutes! 

burnt for dowry by ron harmon Photo by Ron Harmon. All Rights Reserved.

These results were acquired by collating records of death by burns from hospitals.  Most of these women were married and of 18-35years, the age group in which married women are most likely to be victims of murder for dowry by their husbands and in-laws in India.  Also upon speaking to relatives of the victims, the researchers observed that most of these deaths were under suspicious circumstances.  The study also noted that the police refused to investigate and in most cases refused to even open a case file, as is often the case in suspected dowry related…

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One thought on “#Dowry Murders: 106,000 Women Burnt to Death in 1 Year

  1. In 2400 B.C.E. Manu of the Hindi subjugated the feme half of the species to the male half by LAW. Code of Manu. Sloka V. Men own fem like they own their shirts. This law must be repealed. I urge fem in India to rise and demand that this law be repealed OFFICIALLY.

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