Check your privilege and your facts before discussing sex selective abortion

Dr. Jen Gunter

Dr. Brian Goldman, in his blog for CBC radio, wrote about the new article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) on the sex ratio after induced abortion in Ontario, i.e. sex selective abortion.

The article in the CMAJ confirms what is no surprise to me as an OB/GYN, that the ratio of male to female births for a third child born to women who emigrated to Canada from India who had two previous girls is statistically improbable, basically 2 boys for every girl. The male:female infant ratio after 2 girls was 1.77 times higher if the current birth was preceded by 1 induced abortion, 2.38 times higher if preceded by 2 or more induced abortions and 3.88 times higher if the induced abortion was performed at 15weeks or more.

There are lots of issues with Dr. Goldman’s piece and I am compelled to address what I…

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2 thoughts on “Check your privilege and your facts before discussing sex selective abortion

  1. Throughout history boys have been preferred. The names, Johnson, Wilson, Clarkson, Dickerson, Henderson, and Manson, etc. etc . etc. show this. Has anyone seen a family name acknowledging a girl child? Girls were burdens to fathers, a mouth to feed!

    • Yes. I remember as a child feeling the constraints of gender construct build around me, dissuading from pursuing my naturally developing interests and explorations, I told my parents if it took changing my name to Peter and being a boy to continue my ‘freedom’ than I would do so. They learnt I would not be confined or play to any cultural script…

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