If fetal pain is a thing then all deliveries should require general anesthesia

Dr. Jen Gunter

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 8.16.06 AM
Using the junk science of supposed fetal pain before 24 weeks many lawmakers have enacted laws designed to stop second trimester abortion. There are now 17 states with 20-22 week bans (many of the laws use incorrect terminology and count gestational age from fertilization, which is of course not how we do it in medicine). These states have either outlawed later term abortions outright or taken a more circuitous route by requiring “anesthesia,” as no physician really knows what that means it leaves women needing those procedures in a terrible limbo. While the procedure is not technically illegal no one knows how to comply with the law.

If fetal pain really exists in the way that anti-choice lawmakers think then why stop at abortion? Why not also protect wanted pregnancies from the painful horrors of birth? A fetus delivering vaginally has its head squeezed in a vice (the pelvic…

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One thought on “If fetal pain is a thing then all deliveries should require general anesthesia

  1. Since fem was renamed (wo) man in the 11th century, which today, as a man that’s not a man, serves the economy of hatreds, any old fantasy or outlandish lie will do to take away any freedom fem may have.

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