Libertarian Welfare Queens

Attack the System

By MK Lords

Lately, I’ve been getting tired of the same old scams coming from the same old people in the libertarian “movement”. Many OG libertarians I’ve spoken with agree, so I thought I’d compile a list of popular but parasitic libertarians. It turns out libertarians and ancaps are some of the worst capitalists ever. Despite raging against tax payer supported “welfare queens” there seems to be quite a lot of libertarians fighting for the ever depleting capital flowing from the chapped teat that holds the earnings of fellow libertarians.

Libertarians employ a variety of tactics to spread their message, but a tactic I must disagree with is begging for money from people in your movement for stunts that are utopian at best and ineffective or dangerous at worst.

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They Prostitute Their Girls: The Bedia


photo credit: Renu Parkhi (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

by Rita Banerji

While India’s loathing of daughters leads to more than a million female feticides each year, and the killing of thousands of new born girls, the Bedia is one community that wants girls.

When a woman is pregnant, the family hopes it will be a girl.  Not a boy.

What makes the Bedia’s stance on girls different from that of the rest of India?

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“My seed has too much dignity to be in the company of the rest of useless humanity” and other insights on marriage and sperm from

we hunted the mammoth

Gosh, who would ever have expected that this guy might prove popular with unhinged MRA types? Gosh, who would ever have thought that this guy might prove to be popular with unhinged MRA types?

So while poking about the manosphere today I followed a link from an obscure Men’s Rights blog over to Alex Jones’ Infowars site — specifically to the comments on a news article about a study that claims internet porn is destroying marriage.

Jones, as you may know, is essentially the king of the world’s conspiracy theorists, no naturally I expected his commenters to be pretty unhinged. What I didn’t realize is that they would also all be Men’s Rights Activists.

Well, maybe they don’t all call themselves that, but they certainly think like MRAs; several even linked to a site for Men Going Their Own Way.

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Woman who survives a suicide attempt was gang raped in Pondicherry, India

Where is their sense of humanity, where are their principles and ability to recognize this human being who happened to be a woman needed help not be further subjected to atrocities and violation. How dare you men call yourselves men or human. You disgust me.


20 December, 2014, Pondicherry

Two fishermen have been arrested for raping a woman who got washed ashore while attempting suicide. The woman is one of 5 sisters who along with their parents were forcibly evicted after a long court battle from the famous Aurobindo Ashram a few days back. The entire family then attempted suicide by jumping into the sea. The mother and two sisters died while the others were rescued.

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