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Manosphere blogger: Anders Breivik “should have targeted the politicians, media, and bureaucrats, not their children”

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Breivik, smirking, after his arrest Breivik after his arrest

In July of 2011, Anders Breivik set off a bomb in front of government buildings in Oslo, killing 8 people, then gunned down dozens more at a summer camp for the youth league of the Norwegian labor party; in all, 77 people died by his hand. Breivik, a virulent Islamaphobe with a manifesto he wanted to publicize, thought he was striking a blow at the “Cultural Marxists,” multiculturalists, and feminists who, in his mind, were destroying European culture.

On Free Northerner, a far-right manosphere blog run by a self-described “Christian Reactionary,” the regulars are debating how Breivik did their cause more good or harm.

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Silk Road mastermind gets life in prison for drug, conspiracy crimes


Ross Ulbricht was an Eagle Scout and a popular physics student who made a fateful decision to reinvent himself as the “Dread Pirate Roberts,” a pseudonym he used to operate a massive illegal online bazaar known as the Silk Road. It came crashing down hard on Friday as a federal judge in Manhattan sentenced Ulbricht to serve the rest of his life in prison, following his earlier conviction on seven charges related to conspiracy, narcotics and money-laundering.

The punishment is surprisingly harsh, exceeding even what the prosecutors had proposed. Ulbricht, who had earlier implored the judge to “please leave my old age,” can appeal the sentence, though that would be a long shot.

“You were the captain of the ship as Dread Pirate Roberts, and you enforced the law as you see fit,” U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest told Ulbricht in imposing the sentence.

Forrest issued the sentence after Ulbricht…

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The Cardinal Pell: Slouching towards Bethlehem

No Place For Sheep

Cardinal George Pell Two

In my experience one of the more dangerous types of human is the man or woman with an intense and unshakeable conviction that he or she is a “good” person, doing the “right” thing.

The danger is that such a person will see everything they think, say and do through the prism of perceived good and rightness, and this vision inevitably blinds them to the damage they are, like every other human being, capable of inflicting. Because they are unable to see they are incapable of taking responsibility, let alone making atonement or working towards change. So they continue on their blundering path, leaving havoc in their wake, entirely unable to acknowledge they’ve had any part in its production.

Or as Yeats puts it:  The best lack all conviction, while the worst / Are full of passionate intensity.

(Actually, that poem, The Second Coming, is worth a read:…

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Would you like some wings with that ego stroking? Make big bucks by giving insecure men “the attention they crave”

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Twin Peaks, where even the appetizers are shaped like breasts Twin Peaks, where even the appetizers are shaped like breasts

TalkingPointsMemo has gotten hold of an inadvertently hilarious internal document from the “breastaurant” chain Twin Peaks that provides an interesting glimpse into what those who run the company may actually think of the customers who pay their salaries.

Twin Peaks, as TPM writer Tara Culp-Ressler notes, is essentially Hooters on steroids, and the chain has been spreading like ebola; in 2013, it was the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the US. It also seems to be quite popular with Biker gangs; the gigantic biker shootout last weekend took place at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas.

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Woman, daughter burnt to death over dowry – The Hindu: Mobile Edition


18 May 2015, Orissa
Sabitri and her six-month-old daughter were torched to death by her husband Bulu Das in Titikhandi village for dowry. The couple were married for 8 years and also have an older who too was doused with kerosene, but managed to escape. Bulu had been demanding Rs.10,000 in extra dowry from Sabitri and frequently beat and tortured her for it.

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#High #Heels My Foot!

De. B. Dubois'

This is coming in a bit late, for I cannot help but notice that every year Cannes Film Festival is keeping up its notorious image of being male chauvinist. My favourite moment last year was when Coline Serreau, a 66-years-old French actress and director, added (direct translation) – “the selections at Cannes is made by a band-of-old-machos, who only congratulates within their friends… I don’t want to be a part of this. Not now, not ever. I take part in real cinema, that has got nothing to do with this ‘assholism’ of Cannes.”

This year, Valeria Richter, a film producer said that she was stopped from entering the venue as the festival officials pointed and waved their fingers at her flat shoes. Richter had her big toe and part of her left foot amputated and thus cannot keep her balance in heels. She said: “They pointed their finger at my…

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