Media Inequality

GillardIf I were the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, I’d get to the point quite often where I would feel the need to vent about the number of hurdles I would need to jump just to get anything done. When you keep in mind that Gillard is rather good at getting things done, I think she deserves a lot more credit, especially since we know how many people are opposed to everything and anything she does. I wonder if she does rant sometimes, maybe to Tim in the evenings, because if it was me, I would explode without some outlet. Here’s a summary of who and what the Gillard Labor government is up against in the lead up to the election in September:

Other Labor MPs

I put this first, because this stuff shouldn’t happen.With king of white-anters, Kevin Rudd, leaking like a sieve, and the likes of Robert McClelland…

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